In this blog, I discuss the different topics from the business point of view and how they can help SMEs or large companies.

In this issue that touches us, the Voice IP, was not going to be less.

How can voice over IP help us today?

Let’s start with a real example with fictitious names.

We have a company, Fulanito SL, with X employees at its headquarters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (LPA headquarters) of which 5 are commercial in the street, another 5 are sales managers within the company that do not go out to the street , 3 are department heads and the manager, We also have 3 warehouse waiters who are constantly moving inside a huge warehouse.

At the headquarters of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (TFE Headquarters), we have 1 head of department, 5 commercial on the street and 1 administrative.

An infrastructure like this one in which offering traditional telephony would imply very high costs both of the telephone infrastructure and of the costs of calls.

Let’s summarize:

Headquarters Las Palmas GC:

  • 5 Commercial.
  • 5 Managers
  • 3 Heads
  • 3 Waiters
  • 1 Manager

Tenerife SC Office:

  • 5 Commercial
  • 1 Chief
  • 1 Administrative


  • Internal extensions for everyone.
  • Calls at cost 0 between all internal extensions including calls between sites and mobile commercials.
  • Possibility of Video Conference depending on the telephone terminal.
  • Voicemail
  • SoftPhone

The list of requirements can be as wide as the list of the wise men, so we will take for granted that they require the standard features of any switchboard plus a series of improvements that the Voice of IP will help us implement.

What can VOICE over IP provide to a solution like this?

In this first post, we will configure the external connectivity of the two sites. We will provide the delegations with the telephone lines necessary to keep the flow of calls to and from the outside correctly:

To begin, we will dedicate a 1.5Mb ADSL line symmetric in each of the delegations only for the IP voice:

This will allow us to take approximately 20 simultaneous voice over IP calls on that line.

With this we manage to be able to take up to 20 simultaneous calls between our two locations at cost 0.


We will also provide the LPA headquarters with connectivity to the traditional telephone network with:

  • 4 ISDN lines (8 channels)
  • 2 RTB lines
  • 1 VOIP Trunk with a VOIP provider

The headquarters of TFE will be provided with:

  • 2 ISDN lines (4 channels)
  • 1 RTB line
  • 1 VOIP Trunk with a VOIP provider


With this we already have interconnected our headquarters between them (with VOIP) and with the rest of the world (ISDN, RTB and VOIP)