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Voice over IP

In the mid-1990s, one of the multimedia tools for making telephone calls was used for the first time.

To do this, you only need a PC, have an Internet connection and an application that offers the possibility of making the link. Although the quality was very low. Thus a new means of communication called Voice over IP is born, better known as VoIP, an application that allows to transmit and transfer voice and sound.

Nowadays, the popularity and quality of VoIP has been growing, which has caused a massive migration of users of conventional telephony to this system.

VoIP applications.

Some of the most used applications for this type of service or the most developed in VoIP are the following:

Asterisk: Free software application. It uses Voice over IP through a central PBX (private telephone exchange). It has the ability to connect several phones together and has the options of voicemail and conference calls. Among other applications.

Skype: Application for computers that uses Voice over IP. It offers the service of free calls among its users and the SkypeOut option, which for a fixed and reduced amount, users also have the option of calling traditional telephones.

Vonage: Company specialized in telephony service based solely on voice transmission over the Internet. It was the pioneer in offering the VoIP service.

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