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What to look for at a hosted PBX provider

Companies that use a hosted PBX outsource their phone system to a third-party provider, which itself handles a large portion of the responsibilities.

The most important benefits of a hosted solution are the disappearance of the costs and network problems that often occur when a small business wants to install a Unified Communications solution. Small businesses do not have the bandwidth needed to install VoIP and Unified Communications on their internal network, and soon the quality of service becomes a major issue. A hosted PBX directly eliminates this problem. The PABX provider still needs to be managed by the company, but it does not have to hire any dedicated person for that.

For small businesses with 5 to 10 connections, a hosted PBX is the ideal solution, since it does not involve any internal management of the PBX. The responsibility and administration of the PABX is in the hands of the supplier.

As with any service provider, it’s up to the customer to do their own research, compare the hosted PABX / VoIP providers, and find out who can best meet their needs.

Initially, companies should look for a provider that supports mobility. It is important for a desktop phone system to be able to interact with smartphones or other portable devices to transfer calls, but there are also brands that offer more advanced applications, allowing the user to fully manage their telephony from their portable device. This is particularly useful for companies that promote BYOD policy and want to give users access to mobile VoIP / PABX customers.

It is also important to find a supplier that the company can trust, and who can provide personalized customer service.

For example, the company may require different call queues managed in different ways, or different transfer rules. If the provider of the hosted PBX can not respond positively to these requests because of their complexity, the company will not be satisfied. It is important to find a vendor with a strong presence in the market, but who is still available to provide this kind of personalized service.

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