Top 5 Advantages of Predictive Dialer Software for Contact Centers

Given the intense pace in the contact centers, the effectiveness of the agents seems essential. Indeed, when it comes to customer service and sales, a waste of time can indeed be costly. However, thanks to predictive dialing software, contact centers are empowered, through automated technology, to make calls at optimal times, while automatically filtering, as for answering machines and fax machines, the busy signals. and disconnected calls. Predictive dialer software can therefore increase efficiency, sales and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Here are five major benefits of a predictive dialer software for a contact center.

Improved agent efficiency

A predictive dialer software dispenses search agents with lists of customer phone numbers and manual dialing. In addition, the dialer determines the best time to call, anticipates when an ongoing call ends, and dials a number. It also allows call mixing, which means that the software can work with an Automated Call Distribution System (ACD) to assign calls to available agents on incoming and outgoing channels. Agents are therefore more efficient because they can navigate between these channels easily, depending on the call flow.

More powerful and smarter management

Predictive dialing software that integrates management software with their services organizes the necessary data in the same way as sales data, customer history, and contact information. The software determines the times corresponding to the first call and filters the “do not call” numbers, fax lines or answering machines to provide direct access to the strongest prospects at the most optimal time. The software automates and captures all call activity directly in the CRM to generate stronger prospect management. It also provides valuable real-time metrics and KPIs that will increase sales and improve marketing practices.

Sales acceleration

Being connected to the right customers is the key to closing a sale. Predictive dialer software therefore eliminates guesswork and brings agents directly to the customers most likely to buy. Features such as call recording, callback rules, call recording and other automated processes allow agents to save time and focus on pursuing the strongest leads and closing sales .

The satisfaction of a stronger customer service

The predictive dialing software can boost customer satisfaction: in fact, it will be contacted at convenient times, at a lower rate than standard telemarketing calls made at any time, all with the aim of offer products and services that may interest them. By reaching customers with offers that interest them and at the optimum time, customer loyalty increases.

Reduced operating costs

While predictive dialing software is used to increase the number of sales, the lower costs for the contact center are equally attractive. Fewer outgoing calls are thus placed on the (relatively expensive) voice channel, while fewer agents are needed for good call management. Deleting downtime for agents and low dropout rates simultaneously drive significant cost savings and increase profits, while predictive dialing software with integrated CRM offers the advantage of not depend on costly telecommunications or integration equipment.

In today’s society, a fast and efficient connection with customers is essential: with predictive dialer software, brands can engage effectively with the strongest leads, while providing optimal customer service. To provide the best customer service, discover Vocalcom, a global leader in cloud-based contact center software solutions , and an omni-channel premium customer interaction platform for great customer experiences. 

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